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Super Famicom box art design. 

What you see here are some good examples of japanese graphic design in videogames. While in Europe and America Super Nintendo box art was limited by black frames and closed templates, in Japan packaging designers had a good amount of freedom for displaying images and typography in a large rectangular canvas.

If you want to know more about the differences between japanese and occidental Super Nintendo game boxes you can read a good article in Super Famicom Guy blog. He’s also the author of these pics, follow him on Instagram for more of them.

Some weeks ago I posted an illustration with two backlighted Game Boy on my Instragram account, and it was replied with the real version of them, two classic, clean and bright DMG-01, modded by Joe Heaton, a.k.a. Joeteach. In his IG account you can find some of the finest Game Boy mods around, as you can see in the other images posted here.

FYI, Joe was interviewed on Nintendo Life recently, a recommendable read about moddind, chiptunes and gaming passion.

[ Links: Joeteach on Instagram, chiptunes, and online store ]